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The content of these web pages is based on the 1st edition of my book "The Hamiltons 1762-1862" originally published in 1997

The 2nd Edition was published in 2009 . A 2012 Revised 2nd Edition is now available to coincide with the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Hamiltons in South Australia in 1837.

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3rd Edition

A 3rd completely revised edition is in preparation and contains corrections and additions to the section on William Holmes Hamilton and the Duke of York, as well as further discussion about the speculated origins of the Hamilton family. Details on the Historia Incognita web page.

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Many people have assisted in the provision of information for this publication. Family Historians would know that there is much sharing of information and documents between researchers. Copies of birth, marriage and death certificates are often circulated, as are copies of photographs and other documents. In the early stages of gathering such information researchers do not always think to take meticulous notes of where such information or copies came from.

Where possible the source of information and illustrations has been acknowledged in the footnotes. However mention must be made of the invaluable contributions of researchers such as Marion Boyd of Camperdown, Linda Clark of Somerville, Walter Hamilton of Glen Osmond, South Australia, Dorothy Hughes of Ballarat, Joan Maguire of Canberra, Sandra Shaw of East Doncaster, and especially Shelagh Mason and her mother, Mrs Addison, of Canterbury, Kent. Neil Barnes of St Margarets, Hertfordshire, has provided a wealth of information about Captain Sir John Hamilton and Captain Sir Luke Smithett.

Photographs and Illustrations

Photographs and illustrations reproduced in this publication have been obtained through similarly diverse and uncertain sources. Where possible the original source has been located and acknowledged, however that has not always been possible. Should any reproduced illustrations be subject to copyright held by unacknowledged persons, the author would appreciate being informed of the name and address of the copyright holder so that correct acknowledgment can be made in future editions.

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