2nd Edition of "The Hamiltons 1762-1862" NOW AVAILABLE

The content of these web pages is based on the 1st edition of my book "The Hamiltons 1762-1862" originally published in 1997

The 2nd Edition was published in 2009 . A 2012 Revised 2nd Edition is now available to coincide with the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Hamiltons in South Australia in 1837.

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3rd Edition

A 3rd completely revised edition is in preparation and contains corrections and additions to the section on William Holmes Hamilton and the Duke of York, as well as further discussion about the speculated origins of the Hamilton family. Details on the Historia Incognita web page.

Page Removed

Some chapters or sections of chapters of the Hamiltons story have been removed from this web site. However the full details are included in the book - the 2nd Edition of "The Hamiltons 1762-1862" which can be purchased from the link at the right.

If you have any enquiries about the content of these chapters please email me.

James Hamilton

A chapter about the origins of James Hamilton, father of Richard Hamilton, Tailor of Dover, Kent, and of Sir John Hamilton, Mariner.

Sir John Hamilton

The adventures of Sir John Hamilton during the Battle of Camperdown in 1797 and his subsequent career as captain of the Dover ferry. John Hamilton was brother of Richard Hamilton Tailor of Dover. His nephew, also Richard Hamilton, emigrated to South Australia with his family in 1837

Richard Hamilton the First

The story of Richard Hamilton, Tailor of Dover, Kent. He was father of Richard Hamilton the Second.

Richard Hamilton the Second

The story of the next Richard Hamilton, also a Tailor of Dover, Kent, his wife Ann Holmes and their family. The chapter looks at life in Dover and the reasons that led the Hamiltons to emigrate to South Australia.

Bound for South Australia

The story of the decision of Richard Hamilton and Ann Holmes to travel to South Australia in 1837.

The Children of Richard Hamilton and Ann Holmes

The various children of Richard and Ann Hamilton including the establishment of their vineyard south of Adelaide.

Lure of the Goldfields

How the discovery of gold in Victoria attracted some members of the Hamilton family to leave South Australia in search of riches. The chapter also tells the story of the Hamilton's journey from Adelaide to the goldfields of central Victoria during the 1850s.

John, Sarah and Robert Hamilton

The story of the members of the Hamilton family who made a new life in Amherst on the Victorian Goldfields.


The story of Amherst and how it rose, and fell, with the fortunes of gold discovery.